Yes. Connections Academy and K12 are state public schools. Although students work from home, they are still considered public school students. Both options are free for students and are required to follow state guidelines and education laws.

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Online Learning Coaches, LLC is NOT an online curriculum with teachers who instruct. It is an independent service that supports students and their families once they have selected or enrolled in one of the FREE online curriculums. Many states currently contract with K12 and Connections Academy. These online platforms offer courses and certified teachers who will be instructing your child.

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The online software and teachers assigned to each of these programs are responsible for the curriculum and instruction. Each course taken by your child will have their own teacher who explains content via live virtual sessions, answers student questions, provides assignments and assigns grades.  They, of course, are the experts on what they offer. Online Learning Coaches, LLC is NOT affiliated with either program. It is a support service established to optimize the online learning experience for students and alleviate the required demands on parents. For a list of services that Online Learning Coaches, LLC offers visit the Our Services page.

Category: Curriculum

As a parent, you have several options for educating your child at home. The more traditional method is when the parent takes on the role of the teacher. The parent oversees all educational responsibilities such as curriculum choice, content instruction, and credit distribution. Rewarding when successfully implemented, this method is time-consuming and a major responsibility for the parent.

Another option is the online approach. Many people are unaware that several states offer FREE online public elementary, middle and high school curriculums. Once enrolled in an online program, students work from home on computers often loaned to them by their state. Students take a placement test and then are assigned classes taught by certified teachers through a blend of live online courses and other online resources. This method of homeschooling requires the assistance of a Learning Coach.

The role of the Learning Coach is to oversee the child’s educational progress on a daily basis. It was previously encouraged that this role is filled by a parent, but successful alternatives now exist like Online Learning Coaches.

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